Is Appreciative Inquiry the next step for Continuous Improvement?


Ankit Patel, principal partner with The Lean Way Consulting firm while doing some work with the Cleveland Clinic, discovered Appreciative Inquiry and saw an opportunity to blend it with his work in Continuous Improvement. I found the work fascinating and this is the subject of this Business901 podcast. An excerpt of the podcast can be found on this blogpost, Connecting Continuous Improvement and Appreciative Inquiryankitpic.jpg

Ankit told me before the podcast, “The basic concept is use AI as the starting point (in the case of the ppt. it's the starting point to a strategic initiative) and then go into the traditional tools once there is a "pull" from staff on what they want to become. It's a great way to do strategy and other process improvements.  Basically the best way I've seen to introduce changes via an AI methodology and then go into the specifics, strategy, process improvement, etc.”

More about Ankit Patel: Ankit was a Lean consultant for Dell Inc. overseeing Dell's Manufacturing and Re-Manufacturing production processes in Lebanon, TN. He has helped guide the multi- billion dollar plant in strategic planning, coaching executives at the plant, facilitating Kaizen events, and training Lean leaders at all levels of the organization. Ankit combines a unique approach of positive psychology, culture improvements, strategy, and process improvement to get companies results. His latest venture is in bringing Appreciative Inquiry to the field of continuous improvement.

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