Behind every Decision to Buy..


Behind every decision to buy–whether the item is a service or a product, an argument or an idea–is an unspoken emotional motivation. This is the hidden agenda. headshotPreview.jpg

Says Kevin Allen, author of the book called The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following. Kevin was my guest on the Business901 podcast and I believe you will find the master storyteller entertaining and a wealth of information.

Kevin worked with the McCann World Group, the Interpublic Group, and Lowe Worldwide, where he helped gain Ad Age’s recognition as "Turnaround Agency of the Year" in 2009. He has spent 25 years in advertising and was a key developer of the now iconic Priceless campaign for MasterCard.

An excerpt of the podcast can be found on a recent Business901 blog post, Can you name your target audience in two words?

Kevin can be found on the web at Kevin Allen Partners.

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