Extending Lean Supply Chain Thinking


Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management is a a practical guide that will assist you in leveraging your improvements to make both vendors and customers smile! Paul Myerson is my guest and the author of the aforementioned book. Paul explains many components of Lean but in a unique way that allows you to apply that knowledge to actual use. The book is well suited for the Supply Chain expert that wants to apply Lean and for the Lean expert that wants to apply his knowledge to the supply chain. Myerson.jpg

Listening to the podcast should give you a sample of Paul’s breadth of knowledge. A written excerpt was in a recent Business901 blog post, Is forecasting the pull for a Lean Supply Chain?.

About: Paul Myerson has been a successful change catalyst for clients and organizations of all sizes. He has more than 25 years of experience in supply chain strategies, systems, and operations that have resulted in bottom-line improvements for companies such as General Electric, Unilever, and Church and Dwight. He is currently Managing Partner at Logistics Planning Associates, LLC, a supply chain planning software and consulting business (www.psjplanner.com).

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