At the Crossroads of Economics, Society, Culture & Technology is…


#ServiceDesign Specialist @sly or more formally Sylvain Cottong has worked extensively at these crossroads and as an early Internet evangelist, he has been advising governments & companies on strategies for the networked society.  He lives & works in Luxembourg and Berlin. An excerpt of the podcast can be read at An Economist who practices Service Design. SylvainCottong.png

His areas of interest and expertise are:

  • Leadership and innovation management
  • Service innovation
  • Business model innovation
  • Social business & enterprise 2.0
  • Intellectual capital management & learning organizations
  • Complexity management, trendwatching, backcasting & forecasting
  • Customer experience management, service dominant logic & social CRM
  • Design management, service design & user experience design

Sylvain’s breadth of knowledge in these fields is extraordinary. Though we just grazed the surface, I think you will find the discussion quite insightful.

Where you can find Sylvain: