The Lean Linkage between Composers, Architects, Statisticians


Steve Horowitz's Code ensemble plays contemporary American music with energy and passion. Founded in 1993, The Code has developed a cutting edge repertory with instrumentation that combines traditional acoustic and contemporary electronic instruments. Steve and the Code have released ten CDs over the years, and the ensemble has included many well known musicians. The Code's unique blend of electric and acoustic instruments, is helping to re-define contemporary chamber music. steveweb.jpg

A special Friday Business Podcast with composer, Steve Horowitz and just for information sake Steve’s father was an architect. Steve has a few very unique ideas of what the correlation is between architecture, statisticians and composers. I will give you a hint about one of them, pattern recognition. An earlier blog post discussed this,  To Optimize a System, Dance to the Music.

Bonus audio not included in podcast: Iannis Xenakis was an accomplished composer and architect. Steve Horowitz discusses this relationship in this short audio(1 min Audio).

Composer Steve Horowitz On Learning How To Teach Game Audio Design (Video): Steve, is in a perfect position to help design curriculum for educating the game audio designers of tomorrow. he spoke with Gino Robair at the 129th AES show about the history and direction of interactive audio, the ways in which relevant educational programs are taking shape, and about his thoughts on the future of the game audio industry.

About Composers and Schools in Concert: CSIC is a nonprofit organization who partners with professional composers and youth music programs (grades 9-12) to offer innovative music education through composer workshops and commissions.

About Steve Horowitz: 25 year career integrates his experiences as a band leader, with his explorations as a multi faceted composer. Horowitz can be found working and touring with his group The Code Ensemble, a 14-piece electro-acoustic chamber ensemble, and has released 10 compact discs to date. Horowitz has a large catalog of music for traditional and unusual ensembles such as; string quartet, woodwind quartet, Orchestra, piano, solo contrabass flute (or tuba), and large electro acoustic chamber ensemble. Additionally, he has written music for film, TV and games. For more info & clips visit