The Work of Peter Scholtes


Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd. has been the point of contact for consulting and speaking on Peter’s behalf since 2000. From 1987 to 1993, Peter Scholtes shared the platform with W. Edwards Deming, helping to educate corporations about the new philosophy of the Quality movement. He was one of the first to synthesize the principles of the organizational development field with the teachings of Dr. Deming.KellyAllan.jpg

When Peter Scholtes retired from conducting seminars and consulting, he asked Kelly to continue his work. After five years of doing this, Peter wrote a note of thanks and admiration to Kelly for his efforts, which I highly recommend that you take a look at and read. Kelly also serves on the advisory council of The W. Edwards Deming Institute.

In the podcast, we primarily discussed Peter’s work but I found Kelly and his company with 24+ Associates an interesting mix. They are system thinkers with a unique blend of diversity that is seldom found in consulting organizations. Kelly Allan Associates can be found at

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