Should your Processes be cast in Stone


Beyond Agile: Tales of Continuous Improvement is the latest publication of Modus Cooperandi. Co-author Maritza van den Heuvel is my guest on the podcast. Beyond Agile examines 10 companies, mostly in the tech world, but also in innovative automotive and business consulting, that have actively evolved their processes. Using tools from Lean, Agile and other schools of management thought, these companies have actively engaged in continuous improvement. Beyond Agile other authors are Jim Benson and Joanne Ho.

Maritza.jpgMaritza is also the author of the Becoming an Agile Family blog where she writes about the ways her family uses Personal Kanban to navigate work and life. You can also find Maritza on Twitter (@maritzavdh). Maritiza also appeared in another Business901 Podcast,  Becoming an Agile Family thru Kanban. A written excerpt of the blog appeared last week, Life does not stand still Work does not stand still.

About Maritza van den Heuvel: Maritza spent six years doing research in computational linguistics after completing a Postgraduate degree in Linguistics. She eventually left academia for the software industry where she cut her teeth on Agile and Scrum as a Scrum Master and Product Owner, helping teams to evolve from waterfall to Scrum. Along the way, her unquenchable thirst for knowledge led her to Kanban and Lean systems thinking. Since then, she has become a passionate proponent of the power of constraints and visual controls to transform the world of work in the 21st century. She is currently with Pearson Southern Africa, where she’s applying her background to leading innovation in technology-enabled education.