Business Process Management more than an IT Function


Business Process Management is more than an IT function. It is how we go about our work as an organization. Theodore Panagacos, a former Management Consultant with Booz & Company explains this and how BPM works with Lean and Six Sigma in his book The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Management: Everything you need to know and how to apply it to your organization. His book has become an Amazon top seller in its category, Business Process Management.the-ultimate-guide-to-business-process-management.jpg

About: Theodore Panagacos is an industry recognized change management practitioner and has 10 years experience helping organizations design and implement business models that improve its service to customers. He has a strong background in the banking, financial services and government sectors, and has worked across a range of functional areas relating to business strategy, ICT transformation, project management, corporate governance reform, and organizational re-design.