Oct 2, 2017

Service Design Audio Collection

A special collection of Business901 podcasts on the subject of Service Design. The collection totals over four hours and the guests are listed in the order of appearance.


Marc Stickdorn graduated in Strategic Management and Marketing and worked in various tourism projects throughout Europe. A leading proponent thru the years of Service Design, Marc co-authored This is Service Design Thinking.


Arne van Oosterom, Partner at DesignThinkers is a Strategic Design agency that specializes in social innovations, service innovations, customer centered design, marketing 2.0 and branding. They provide a bridge between business opportunities and creative solutions.


At Work•Play•Experience Adam St. John (aka Adam Lawrence) turns good services into memorable service experiences that start people talking. Adam says, “Your customers will feel better served, will appreciate the value of your work and will be more loyal to your company.


Service Design Teacher and Practitioner, Vincenzo Di Maria trained as a designer at Central St. Martin’s College of Art Design in London where he still teaches. Vincenzo is the co-founder of Common Ground, a service design firm working across Europe. Their work focuses on socially responsive design and innovation ranging from products to services and experiences.


Lance A. Bettencourt, PhD, has led job-centric innovation projects with many of the world’s leading companies and his thought-leadership is evident his publications on job-centric innovation. His book Service Innovation: How to Go from Customer Needs to Breakthrough Services was my introduction to Service Design


Economist by education, Sylvain Cottong has spent his career at the intersections of business, society, technology, science & culture, with the value of design for process, service & product development and more generally with leadership & innovation. You can find him at  strategybuilders.eu, a Luxembourg based network of international consultants.


A founding partner of Livework,  Ben Reason now leads the London studio on service design and innovation projects for both UK and international clients. Ben is the co-author of Service Design: From Insight to Implementation and Service Design for Business: A Practical Guide to Optimizing the Customer Experience.


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Jul 29, 2017

The Michelli Podcast Collection

A special collection of Business901 podcasts with Joe Michelli. The collection totals just under an 1 1/2 hours and we discuss three of his books. It is one of the better collection of change management series that I have. Three very different perspectives on customer engagement and how to get there successfully. 


His most recent book, Driven to Delight: When you reflect for a moment on how a product-centric Mercedes-Benz transformed into a customer-centric organization, well it is very difficult to even imagine. The culture not only had to change at Mercedes-Benz but also in their long established dealer chain. (The first podcast)


Leading the Starbucks Way: 5 Principles for Connecting with Your Customers, Your Products, and Your People, is a lesson in strategic marketing that few books meant for that purpose can even come close. (approximately at the 24-minute mark)


The Zappos Experience: 5 Principles to Inspire, Engage, and WOW generated my interest in the relationship of employee and customer experience as demonstrated in my blog post, Is Zappos the Next Toyota?. (approximately at the 50-minute mark)


Do you know Joe Michelli?  Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D. is an international speaker and chief experience officer at The Michelli Experience. A New York Times #1 bestselling author, Dr. Michelli and his team consult with some of the world’s best customer experience companies.


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May 2, 2017

Having Successful Conversations

A special collection of Business901 podcasts on the subject of conversations. The collection totals over four hours and the guests are listed in the order of appearance.



Joe McCormack is on a mission to help organizations master the art of the short story. In an age of shrinking attention spans, non-stop interruptions, floods of information, the messages business leaders send out are getting lost in a sea of words. His new book, Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less (Wiley & Sons, 2014) tackles the timeliness of the “less is more” mandate.


Dialogue MappingTM with KC Burgess Yakemovic of Cognexus Group.  KC has over 25 years of experience capturing and using decision-making rationale within both the corporate and small business environments. She worked with Jeff Conklin (author of Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems) during his early research on the technology needed to support the IBIS methodology in the “real world.”   Since January 2011, KC has been the Director of Training at CogNexus.


Tom MacKay is the founder of MacKay Solutions. Tom first trained as a psychologist and in NLP in 1990 and since then  has become one of the most respected NLP  trainers in the UK. Tom is a Master Trainer of NLP, the highest level that can  be attained, and is the only INLPTA Master Coach Trainer in the UK. He has appeared on television on the BBC show “Pay Off Your  Mortgage” and recently filmed a pilot show on family dynamics.


The Process Communication Model (PCM) was developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler, and Judy and Joe Pauley have been teaching and implementing this model for over twenty years. Their website for more information is Kahler Communication.


Steve Portigal. author of Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights, is the founder of  Portigal Consulting. Steve was my guest on the Business901 podcast, Uncovering Compelling Insights.


Dr. Reldan, “Relly,” Nadler is a leading psychologist and Executive Coach focusing on developing and providing cutting edge Emotional Intelligence tools and strategies for CEO’s, Executives, leaders, managers and their organizations and teams.  His newest book, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, gives hands-on solutions to become these problems and more.


Eli Schrangenheim has been part of the Theory of Constraints movement practically from the beginning. He started working with Dr. Goldratt as a programmer to program a game for adults that would teach them how to think over 25 years ago. He is the author of Management Dilemmas: The Theory of Constraints Approach to Problem Identification and Solutions.  


In Russ Unger’s new book Designing the Conversation: Techniques for Successful Facilitation (Voices That Matter) he discusses the ability to communicate and the practice of setting up the conversation to make them productive.


Craig Weber is the founder of The Weber Consulting Group, an alliance of experts committed to helping organizations and teams build their capacity for engaging tough, wicked, adaptive challenges. He’s consulted to an expansive roster of world-class clients, helping them improve their performance by treating dialogue as a discipline. His unique work is outlined in his ground-breaking book, Conversational Capacity: The Secret to Building Successful Teams That Perform When the Pressure Is On.


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Apr 27, 2017

The Architects of Quality & Management

Dr. Deming, Peter Scholtes, Brian Joiner, Peter Drucker, Joseph Juran, Dr. Deming


A special collection of Business901 podcasts that featured subject matter experts on the people above and with a special appearance by Brian Joiner. These are some of my all-time favorite podcasts. The collection totals just over three hours and the guests are listed in the order of appearance.


I interviewed Dr. Joyce Orsini, a professor at Fordham University and president of the W. Edwards Deming Institute and Kevin Cahill, the Executive Director of the Institute. Dr. Orsini has also recently authored the book, The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality and Kevin is the grandson of Dr. Deming. The W. Edwards Deming Institute® was founded by Dr. Deming in 1993 to provide educational services related to his theories and teachings. The aim of The W. Edwards Deming Institute is to foster understanding of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge® to advance commerce, prosperity, and peace.


Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd. has been the point of contact for consulting and speaking on Peter’s behalf since 2000. From 1987 to 1993, Peter Scholtes shared the platform with W. Edwards Deming, helping to educate corporations about the new philosophy of the Quality movement. He was one of the first to synthesize the principles of the organizational development field with the teachings of Dr. Deming. When Peter Scholtes retired from conducting seminars and consulting, he asked Kelly to continue his work. After five years of doing this, Peter wrote a note of thanks and admiration to Kelly for his efforts, which I highly recommend that you take a look at and read. Kelly also serves on the advisory council of The W. Edwards Deming Institute.


The Business Development Director of the Drucker Institute, Peter Gandolfo, joined me on the podcast to discuss Peter Drucker and the future of the institute. I think you will be quite surprised at how the Peter Drucker’s Legacy is evolving.


The Juran’s Quality Handbook: The Complete Guide to Performance Excellence 6/e  was co-authored by Joe DeFeo and the late Dr. Joseph M. Juran. This authoritative resource shows how to apply universal methods for delivering superior results and organizational excellence in any organization, industry, country or process.


John Hunter authors the Deming Blog where he explores Deming’s ideas on management by examining his works and exploring how the ideas are being applied in organizations today. While he was alive Deming continued to learn and add to his management philosophy. The blog attempts to hold true to his ideas while also looking at how those ideas have been, and are being, extended and implemented. John combines technology with management expertise to improve the performance of organizations. He has served as an information technology program manager for the American Society for Engineering Education, the Office of Secretary of Defense Quality Management Office and the White House Military Office. He has authored the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog for years.


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Apr 16, 2017

Storytelling Audio book

A Storytelling special collection of Business901 podcasts. The topics range from Transmedia Storytelling to How to structure and tell business stories. The collection totals just over three hours and the guests are listed in the order of appearance.


The Nonprofit Narrative: How Stories Can Save the World authored by Dan Portnoy is one of the best introductions on how to tell your story as a For-Profit or Non-Profit organization. This might be an endorsement; I own the book in both audio and as a Kindle. The book is short, to the point and will make an impact on how you tell your organization’ story. Dan can be found at The Portnoy Media Group.


Annette Simmons wrote the book, The Story Factor (2nd Revised Edition), and a hidden gem, Territorial GamesThe Story Factor became a classic when 800-CEO-READ named it in their book as one of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time (Penguin, 2009). Annette is the founder of Group Process Consulting.


Andrea Phillips is an award-winning Transmedia writer, game designer, and author. Transmedia Storytelling is a story experience both for and with an audience that unfolds over several media channels. Author Andrea Phillips provides a fantastic introduction in this podcast and her new book, A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling.


The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand by Ekaterina Walter, is a great introduction to this subject. The book offers a viewpoint from the 20K level all the way down to pixels without missing a beat.


The Pixar Storytelling book is about effective storytelling rules based on Pixar’s greatest films. The book consists of ten chapters, each of which explores an aspect of storytelling that Pixar excels at.Pixar Storytelling: Rules for Effective Storytelling Based on Pixar’s Greatest Films.  The author of Pixar Storytelling, Dean Movshovitz was my guest on the podcast.


Donna Lichaw helps you navigate the oft-treacherous waters of product development. Donna helps you not just to tell stories or use stories to promote your product, but to build your products as if they were stories themselves. Her book, The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love shows you how, when, and why to use narrative structure, technique, and principles to ideate, craft, and test a cohesive vision for an engaging outcome.


Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches. A passionate teacher, he is committed to helping people find clarity in their thinking and ideas – and then delivering them with panache.  Nick wrote this little treasure, How to Tell Great Business Stories, which is how I happened upon him. Since then he has published a new book, Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others and Maximizing Your Personal Impact.


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Feb 12, 2017

Training Within Industry Audio Book

This is a collection of Business901 podcasts on Training within Industry. It is about 2-hours in length and features the following guests.


 Jim Huntzinger, president of Lean Frontiers, has researched at length the evolution of manufacturing in the United States with an emphasis on lean’s influence and development. He has researched and worked to re-deploy TWI (Training Within Industry) within industry and uncovered its tie with the Toyota Way.


Mark Warren, of Tesla2 Inc. has decades years of experience working with Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to improve their manufacturing productivity and quality. He travels the world to learn and teach about Lean and most specifically TWI.


The practical nature of the TWI program makes it the ideal vehicle to commence leader capability development. So much so, that Oscar practices the skills in his everyday working life. Oscar Roche is the Director of Training Within Industry Institute in Australia.


Skip Stewart made new discoveries about standard work when he transferred to the healthcare industry to introduce Lean practice into Baptist Memorial Health Care, a network of 14 hospitals in the Memphis and surrounding area. It was there he was introduced to TWI and he quickly realized the power of good training practice in the healthcare field.


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Feb 5, 2017

Lean Construction Audio Book

This is a compilation of a series of podcasts that I have done with Lean Construction folks. It is about 3 hours in length.


At the time, Gregory A. Howell was the managing director of theLean Construction Institute(LCI), a non-profit organization devoted to production management research in design and construction.The Last Planner(sometimes referred to as the Last Planner SystemTM) is a production planning system designed to produce predictable workflow and rapid learning in programming, design, construction and commissioning of projects.


Alan Mossman of The Change Business trained as an architect and worked for many years in management and organization development. He only returned to construction in 2000 building on his knowledge and understanding of collaboration, systems thinking, quality and lean. An accredited UK based Last Planner trainer; he has coached teams implementing Lean and Last Planner for a wide range of clients in Europe, Africa, and Australia


Larry Rubrich of WCM Associates LLC has over 35 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing in the automotive, industrial, and consumer product areas. Larry spent time in Japan studying Japanese management and manufacturing techniques working directly with top-level Japanese consulting group hired by a U.S. company to implement the Toyota Production System (TPS) in its plants. Larry is the author of An Introduction to Lean Construction.


Dave MacNeel of On Point Lean Consulting: Lean Construction was my guest this week on the podcast. On Point Lean Consulting provides on-site Lean Construction coaching and training for owners, builders, and designers looking to improve the delivery of capital projects. Dave has a few great stories as he went from project management, introducing Lean into a construction company and now serving as a consultant to the industry.


Scott Sedam is President of TrueNorth Development, an internationally-known consulting and training firm focused exclusively on the building industry. Now in its fifteenth year with a staff of 6 field consultants, TrueNorth conducts consulting projects and training workshops with more than 200 builder, supplier & trade clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Mexico. Todd Hallett, AIA, President of TK Design & Associates, Inc. specializes in Lean Design and works, alongside Scott, in the trenches with builders, suppliers, and trade contractors.


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