Accelerate Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ


Karen Gadd has worked on nothing but TRIZ since discovering and learning its power to give us all the routes, to all the solutions, to all problems. In 1998 Karen started Oxford Creativity to concentrate on developing simple and practical TRIZ problem solving for the European market. Karen's book TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving published by WileyBlackwell in 2011, has now been translated into Korean, German, and Hebrew. If you are new to TRIZ, Karen's daughter, Lilly published a Dummies book last year called, of course, TRIZ for Dummies.


Recently, I have intended several of the workshop offered by Oxford Creativity and found them presented well and at a good pace. I am finding the principles of TRIZ to coincide very well with current day practices of innovation. It is striking similar to some of the other processes in innovation like the JOBS-to-be-Done work of Tony Ulwick. Both are good examples of what the rigor of a process can accomplish. 


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