People & Process Drive Profit
Mar 2nd,2012

Vivian Hairston Blade, Founder, President & CEO of Experts in Growth Leadership Consulting, LLC (EiGL Consulting, LLC) based in Louisville, KY was my podcast guest.  Vivian is a recognized expert, keynote speaker, trainer and executive coach in the principles of Customer Experience, Lean Six Sigma and Leadership Development. With a 20+ year career in Fortune 100 companies, General Electric and Humana, Inc., Vivian has extenVivianBlade.jpgsive experience in successfully leading the development and execution of customer centered, quality-based, growth business strategies.

Through EiGL Consulting, Vivian has helped clients achieve direct cost savings and productivity by more than 10%, implement customer loyalty and customer service programs, and has coached and trained hundreds of professionals in customer experience implementation and leadership skill development. Her articles have been published in many professional, industry and business publications.

EiGL Consulting is WBENC, TSMSDC and SBA-WOSB certified, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and is a member of Greater Louisville, Inc. Vivian's website is:

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