The Granularity of Process Mapping
Sep 23rd,2012

Many think that Value Stream Mapping is for the Lean people and Process Mapping is for Six Sigma. I was surprised by the answer to a similar question that I ask Ben Graham. Ben is President of The Ben Graham Corporation and author of the book Detail Process Charting: Speaking the Language of Process. I left the interview with an entirely different perspective of Process Mapping.

Since 1953, the Graham Process Mapping method has been the choice of experts worldwide who need to understand the details of their data flows.  Since 1990, Graham Process Mapping Software has made detailed process mapping even easier.  Graham Process maps display every hand-off, every decision point, every customer interaction, every time information changes in an easy-to-read presentation. The company pioneered the field of business process improvement and also provides process improvement consulting, coaching and education services to organizations across North America. cover.jpg

An excerpt from the podcast can be found at Are there more Maps in Service Design than Time in Lean?

If you are serious about developing your process improvement skills quickly, you may want to join the join The Ben Graham Corporation at one of their hands-on workshops where you draw process maps, participate in a role-playing analysis session and be involved in discussion and exercises that address all the phases of an improvement project.

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