See it, Solve it, Share it
Aug 15th,2017

Daniel Matthews' work spans the spectrum from the University of Tennessee and Delta Faucet to Mercedes-Benz, 3M, and more. His book, The A3 Workbook: Unlock Your Problem Solving Mind is one of the best books that I know of for organizations struggling to solve problems effectively the first time. I first met Dan when he participated in the podcast for this book, Nuts and Bolts of A3 Thinking.Dan has worked for Toyota as a trainer and for the Kentucky MEP. Currently, he is the Executive Engagement Expert at, a comprehensive leadership training organization dedicated to helping people Step Up to Challenges, Stand Outamong peers and Inspire ACTION in Others! 


The podcast started out as a discussion on his latest book, Teaching People to See: Toyota's Secret to Creating Exceptionally Engaged and Empowered Employees and quickly evolved to the fundamental 8-step problem-solving process. However, it was a people versus a tool conversation embodied in the saying, See it, Solve it, Share it. In my mind, this simple saying was at the heart of the book and our conversation. The podcast is 40-minutes long but I think you will find the time worthwhile.


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