TRIZ for Business
Jul 5th,2017

Victor Fey, a TRIZ Master and a close associate of Genrikh Altshuller, the founder of TRIZ, has over 35 years’ experience in TRIZ research, training, and application. Since The TRIZ Group’s inception in 1995, Victor has collected more than two decades of consulting experience serving the Global 1000. In this innovation consulting capacity, Victor’s work has ranged the gamut from teaching, coaching and consulting, to facilitating and leading cross-functional teams in delivering critical breakthrough product and technology solutions. Victor co-authored the book, Innovation on Demand: New Product Development Using TRIZ.


The TRIZ Group, LLC provides technical innovative solutions and training in TRIZ-based breakthrough concept development. We bring together a unique combination of value-added solutions, training and expertise that have helped our clients reach and maintain competitive superiority. As a direct consequence of our collaborative efforts, our clients have resolved their most vexing technological problems, filed for and obtained numerous patents, implemented breakthrough solutions, and introduced new products to the market.


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