Motivation the Sandler Way


Mike Crandall is an experienced Sandler Trainer who works with business owners to create and implement professional development strategies to foster the growth of individuals, teams, and organizations. Mike currently heads a Sandler Training center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Most motivational programs fail for one simple reason: they fail to take into account that people come to work for their own reasons, not those of the company or management, says sales and management trainer, Mike Crandall, in MOTIVATIONAL MANAGEMENT THE SANDLER WAY: How To Get Salespeople And Other Employees To Do What You Want Them To Do... For Their Reasons. Incentives need to be individualized, which means managers need to understand what makes each employee tick.


This requires effort, to be sure, but the rewards in the form of a highly motivated workforce can be enormous. “Employees show up at work each day for their own unique reasons, not the manager's," says Crandall. "If you're a manager and your aim is to motivate someone, your job is to find out what that unique reason is."


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Sandler Training is designed to create lasting "performance improvement" rather than the motivational "quick fix" typical of many seminar-based training programs. Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales, management, and leadership training.


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