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Dr. Deming, Peter Scholtes, Brian Joiner, Peter Drucker, Joseph Juran, Dr. Deming


A special collection of Business901 podcasts that featured subject matter experts on the people above and with a special appearance by Brian Joiner. These are some of my all-time favorite podcasts. The collection totals just over three hours and the guests are listed in the order of appearance.


I interviewed Dr. Joyce Orsini, a professor at Fordham University and president of the W. Edwards Deming Institute and Kevin Cahill, the Executive Director of the Institute. Dr. Orsini has also recently authored the book, The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality and Kevin is the grandson of Dr. Deming. The W. Edwards Deming Institute® was founded by Dr. Deming in 1993 to provide educational services related to his theories and teachings. The aim of The W. Edwards Deming Institute is to foster understanding of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge® to advance commerce, prosperity, and peace.


Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd. has been the point of contact for consulting and speaking on Peter’s behalf since 2000. From 1987 to 1993, Peter Scholtes shared the platform with W. Edwards Deming, helping to educate corporations about the new philosophy of the Quality movement. He was one of the first to synthesize the principles of the organizational development field with the teachings of Dr. Deming. When Peter Scholtes retired from conducting seminars and consulting, he asked Kelly to continue his work. After five years of doing this, Peter wrote a note of thanks and admiration to Kelly for his efforts, which I highly recommend that you take a look at and read. Kelly also serves on the advisory council of The W. Edwards Deming Institute.


The Business Development Director of the Drucker Institute, Peter Gandolfo, joined me on the podcast to discuss Peter Drucker and the future of the institute. I think you will be quite surprised at how the Peter Drucker’s Legacy is evolving.


The Juran’s Quality Handbook: The Complete Guide to Performance Excellence 6/e  was co-authored by Joe DeFeo and the late Dr. Joseph M. Juran. This authoritative resource shows how to apply universal methods for delivering superior results and organizational excellence in any organization, industry, country or process.


John Hunter authors the Deming Blog where he explores Deming’s ideas on management by examining his works and exploring how the ideas are being applied in organizations today. While he was alive Deming continued to learn and add to his management philosophy. The blog attempts to hold true to his ideas while also looking at how those ideas have been, and are being, extended and implemented. John combines technology with management expertise to improve the performance of organizations. He has served as an information technology program manager for the American Society for Engineering Education, the Office of Secretary of Defense Quality Management Office and the White House Military Office. He has authored the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog for years.


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